Social work

is a profession that helps individuals as well as families, groups and communities who suffer from the lack of well-being and empowerment. The main goal is to enhance lives of the people by enabling people to use their unused resources in life. Social work also consists of structural development in its field by preventing and hindering major national social issues such as poverty, social exclusion and unemployment. These socially world-wide issues are only few examples of the vast field that people face in their lives and mentioned because of their significance. Ideally the different social work methods are precautionary actions that prevent social issues and predicaments from happening and more commonly assist people to be a functioning part of the society. The importance of the social work can not be exaggerated.

Lyhty Ry / Lyhty Registered Association

is an Association of Social Work and Rehabilitation Science Students established in 1983 operating in the University of Lapland. The governance consists of the student members of the association which is elected annually. The main task of this association is to promote and protect the interests of its members. Lyhty organizes variety of leisure time activities and co-operates with different sections of the student union. The secondary tasks include things such as co-operation with other student associations in the University of Lapland as well as trade unions locally and nationally. The active participation with the Department of Social Work and the Faculty of Social Sciences is the guiding principle of Lyhty ensuring the well-being and happiness of the students studying social work in the University of Lapland. There are approximately 350 members in Lyhty overall.

The benefits of being a member:
· leisure time activities such as sports, partying, cultural events done together with other students of the association and the University of Lapland
· the main channel to influence in the formation of curriculum and studies overall
· taking part of something more than studying, revising and plain performing which is also a vital part of the student life
· being the member, developer and planner in this student association improves the student experience and gives it additional value accessible to those who are active
· moreover it is surely cheap, witty and beneficial for you as a social work student

How to join Lyhty?

Pay one time membership fee of 18€ to our bank account number: FI65 5640 0240 0649 10. When paying, tell us in message field your name. After that, send us email to Lyhty(at)ulapland.fi to inform us, that you have paid the membership fee, so we can send you emails about our future activities.